Guerrilla Style Magic Carpet Ride

The Gorilla Yogis are a group of crazy yogins (not to be confused with the tantric crazy yogins whom see liquid as urine, food as excrement, lovers as mothers, partaking as abstaining and live in a non-duality of leaving and arriving with no destination or end to meditation) but is rather an eclectic group of yogis who like to get out of the studios and stretch in the streets of Minneapolis's Urban Jungle. The Gorilla Gatherings get it on in some of the more acquainted spots as well as unexpected, off beat hidden treasures and are hosted by the impeccably amazing duo of Jes Rosenberg(Yogarilla) and Nan(Thrilla). The yoga is unconventional in any sense of the word, with random outbreaks of dance, yoga jams, partner yoga, breakout sessions, play time and choice music. Never have I laughed, screamed, shouted and cried all in one class outside of the gorilla gatherings.

I had the Pleasure of meeting Yogarilla at my studio Moe Bodyworks's grand opening party. The party was full on  fantastic with BellyDancing, Salsa and AcroYoga performances to promote the place but the greatest part of the party was truly all the wonderful smiles that showed up. Being a big fan of going bananas with the gorillas I told Jes that I was excited for the art MATters event at the SooVac art center which was a competition of the many talented Soovac artists for whom would get to design the Gorillas mats and I than showed her my own Mandallah chakra map mat and hinted that I was interested in going Banksyesque wile'style and slip in to the show by slapping my own piece on the wall and Jes replied with a "you go guerrilla"

And so I slapped a mat covered with wet paint on the wall. Sure I waited to the last minute and ended up touching up the smudges with my fingers while the piece was on display but really isn't that what it's all about. You can get so much done in the last minute, efficiency becomes a necessity, compulsive concentration, and the demand of a deadline becomes an animation of motivation where time vanishes and the minutes become a a single final momentous moment. If only I could live every minute like it is my last.

The pure-land Buddhists (Jodo-Shu) have a chant for the last moment called the Nembutsu that goes "Namu Amida Butsu" which means I take total refuge and reliance upon the compassionate Amida Buddha. Shin Buddhists believe in Buddhahood or enlightenment in the next life and that by chanting the Nembutsu on ones deathbed will call Amitabha Buddha down to guide one peacefully into the light of the pureland which is actually a very similar concept that is shared by Tibetan Tantric Buddhism where one will attempt to fall into `suspended animation` on their deathbed so that when their body dies and the brain continues to live for an additional seven minutes of unperceived "dreamtime"  they may be able to hold one last minute for a moment of eternity. Thus the Dalai-Lama prepares for his internal awakening everyday.

True pure-land Buddhists (Jodo-Shinshu) actually believe in enlightenment in this lifetime as well as the next and that by chanting the Nembutsu in this life you will be reborn in to this life's "pure-land." Living to our fullest is dying as a small being moment after moment. When we lose our balance, we die, yet we get back up and we grow. For what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves, the phoenix's egg,  we must thus die to one life before we enter another. This is the realization that suffering is actually how we survive. Motion is the destruction of balance and thus everything is losing it's balance against a background of perfect balance. Chanting the Nembutsu allows for reliance in other power, the webbed backdrop of interconnected workings of our interdependent whole existence. Reliance on other power is to go with the flow and be able to recognize ourselves in others.  Buddhist faith  is not blind but stronger than destiny, a faith in action is a willingness to try and witnessing this faith, is faith in oneself. This is not to mistake other power as an external or internal force but the ability to trust in the universe and hear our call. Thus allow yourself to be carried to the pureland... or take a magic carpet ride there...
Mats to be in production soon!
FREE Acroyoga at MoeBodyworks(3541 Lyndale ave) saturdays @5:30

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