Seize the Screen

Take hold of life! Own up to your death, make every day count, live each moment in its entirety for eternity. This is the message I want people to read upon seeing Carpe-. The writer pictured is spraying Diem but has only gotten as far to write Die. This creates a play on the term to seize the day, to seize death. The red outline of the figure is intended to imply that the artist is also sprayed in, a creation of himself, existing beyond the mortal body.

This abstract landscape was built out of a series of pictures taken on a journey through Menomonie Wisconsin's natural phenomenon, Trip Falls, located in paradise valley. Right at the beginning of the spring the water begins to rush and freeze and create absolutely breath taking formations. Capturing the general flow of things on my journey through the falls I felt compelled to capture the essence of water through frozen movement. I feel I accomplished this by building the land masses and water to create the illusion of movement through space. This process gave me the idea to call the piece Trip Walls.

Prints 22.5X42cm -$30