Celestial Chaos

Celestial Lights was a live painting and galleria of nine incredible local artists with home grown music DJ sets and a laser light show all put on by Folklore Enterprises and CrackerJax productions up in the loft above Barfly. The party was booming with electronica, techno and dubstep pumping along with laser lights cutting through four fog machines. This extravaganza stimulated every sensory organ to create an out of this world experience.

For this show I was particularly enjoying the act of drip painting because there is less control in my hands and I can allow the universe to meet me half way. While studying in a Pureland Buddhist temple in Japan I truly learned that the self power (Jiriki) is weaker than that of other power (Tariki). I came from a very “headstrong” place and had thought that to surrender my own power was to “throw my power out” when actually surrender allowed for one to be more fully a part of their surroundings and expand ones power through faith and a willingness to let go, let go of attachments and the struggle for results. There is a similar saying in Zen that says we must know when to be strong and turn the dharma (all things) or allow ourselves to be weak and let the dharma carry us. With that being said, let go and give it up!

Thus for the show I painted a number of drip paintings as well create my own Japanese marble wa-shi paper in which I found form. I find it incredibly interesting that in chinese mythology the term "chaos" is often found to describe formless mass before creation. I also produced my 3rd edition dominoes for the show.

During the show "I" painted my 4th edition dominoes in which I had a number of people at the party also contribute by throwing butterflies to contribute to one larger butterfly and thus really emphasize the nature of the butterfly effect and that of Tariki or other power.

I also did a large ink painting which I had a number of party people collaborate on with me. I truly feel that even when "i" create a piece of art that I am not really the sole creator but an instrument for which others create their art through me so thank you to everyone who came out and contributed their expression, their energy and their art.

small: $10USD  Big $40USD

Come out to our next party May 22nd 2010 @ the loft above barfly!

Photos by Nick Patton
2nd Edition Dominoes
1st Edition Dominoes


How to get rid of a Demon and get a foot in the door.

Every third Thursday of the month the Minneapolis Institute of Arts puts on a party and this last February the MIA also decided to align the opening for their fourth foot in the door exhibition. Foot in the Door is an exhibition that happens every ten years and allows for any artist to show their work in the MIA as long as the piece is no larger than one square foot. This year there is 5,000 some local home grown works which creates a visual experience like nothing you've ever experienced.

I decided for my piece that I wanted something to stick out and with only a week to produce the piece, my choice of mediums were limited. I decided to use chalkboard spray on a panel and draw a demon with various ritualistic markings on its face. I then decided to chant mantras while hammering a bunch of nails into the piece to make the piece appear as if a voodoo doll and "stick out". The neighbors then came over and complained that our "party" was being to loud but somehow when they left we had managed to get a hold of their old Christmas tree to burn. The tree lit up rather fast (with the help of vodka soaked paper-bags) and I got the idea to throw my piece to the flames. I decided at the last minute to pull the piece out and throw it in the snow. The charred remains made for an excellent frame for the pictures of the demon being expunged.

When I was arriving to drop off my piece for the exhibition there was a number of artist's walking the other way telling me it was to late and that the officials were turning down artists despite the panels deadline being several hours later because there was just to many artists and not enough time to catalogue them all. Well I decided to talk to a security guard and ask where I might be able to sneak in and he told me exactly where I shouldn't try because he could lose his job. After I slipped into the right gallery wing I found a line that would take minimally two to three hours to crawl through and I had a yoga class in an hour which I had to make. In my frustration I decided to call my friend in the only place I had reception which was the doorway of the museum. As I was telling him I was unsure of what I was going to do an MAEP official was walking out of the building and took the piece right out of my hands and said "I can take this from you" and I was in.

The opening was an incredible event. We arrived early to avoid the crowd but the place was packed full of people anyways, however when we left there was an equally obnoxious line to enter the exhibition as there was to enter a piece in. There is just so much art to see from children's musings to professional masterpieces. Every time I've been I've noticed new things and have found hidden gems that hide in plain site. Also for this third thursday Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lappelles played an amazing set that really topped off the night. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera opening night but there are plenty of pictures on the MIA's website The show runs until June 13th but I would make sure to leave yourself plenty of room to visit a couple of times and see what strikes you next!