10,000 possibilities

With 10,000 lakes festival just around the corner I am getting ready to do work. A member of the green team, I am also planning to sell my services by slangin' didgeridoo's, bandaners, and medicinal herbs. I have recently taken an interest in Herbalism after trading "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouak for a manual on Herb. I have already began healing peoples ailments and knowing that 10K will be a disaster zone, I feel that my new found abilities will be good to have on hand. I feel that the Didgeridoo ($10) will be a good way to make my services recognizably available. I'm also body painting the public as well as producing bandanas ($5) with Japanese Ichibana flower prints on them. I have began studying Ichibana flower design through my neighbor whom I am treating with herbs for a bad hip as well as working in her garden. I will be studying Ichibana flower arrangement during my stay in Japan and feel that the bandana prints will fit well with the Hippie nature of the festival circuit.


Garden View

I had heard that the U was in search of someone to lead some sessions for the mindfulness club. Having prior experience in guiding meditation I jumped on the opportunity to make my services available to the organization. After a long seated meditation and short discussion we were all very excited to be working with each other and another member led us through the Dalai Lama's favorite meditation called "The Loving Kindness Meditation" This is a meditation that begins with you picturing a family member and the love you feel for them, and move on to a close friend carrying this love, on to a distant friend and then an "enemy". I expressed to the group that I had practiced slightly differantly, beginning with your mother and feeling love but also the suffering that it took to birth you, and taking these feelings from her and giving them away. Then continue as said down the chain of people. After the sesh I was looking for a place to catch a cup of tea.

Stopping at the Tea Garden, below Corepower yoga studios in Dinky
town, I could not help but notice the art on the walls and I feel the need to "one-up" this tea art with some of my own. The current pieces were unique in that they were painted with tea but they lacked to incorporate any basic tricks such as value, shape and form.

This painting process was incredibly fun. I loved painting with the element of chaos and creative intellect. The proccess of discovery was also fun and pushed
through many mediums, such as sumi-E ink painting, pens,
conte, charcoal and pastel.

Pictured Top to Bottom:
Elefont (Stolen)
Fractically Infinitea(gifted)
Headie (Sold)
Bubble Tea (Sold)
Price: ($40-a benjamin(100USD) + Shipping), All prices/trades negotiable