Or-Gone Energy

I met alot of shanti shanti people on my journey into the woods by founding a student-recognized meditational organization called Zen Living. Having chanted at the moon on the roof of buildings with Hindu priests and meditated with Buddhist Sangha's, when I received a call from a man whom ran a Zen Group in the sister city of Eau Claire whom told me about a workshop at their spiritual headquarters in the golden temple of Chanhassen, I immediatley jumped on the opportunity and invited a crew to the event.

I had decided to look into exactly what I was getting myself into. Upon researching Eckankar I found out that they were a straight up cult. The people had some Buddhist/Hindu beliefs but mixed up the ideas a bit, getting to attached to the results of karma and such. The cult had many other strange beliefs and rituals involving drinking liquids and going on spiritual journeys, as well as a power hungry mahatma (leader) who designed their scripture to give him more power. Power truly becomes corruptable when the leader begins to hoard the power to "hold his position" rather than giving it back to the people, which would really generate more power.

Coincidently a friend of mine whom I am giving Yoga lessons in exchange for Kung fu (wing-Chun) had come over to my house and told me he had spent the entire prior day building an "Or-Gone Generator" The Or-Gone transmitters work by plastering a fiberglass resin around a crystal and metal coils. The hardened resin squeezes the crystal which releases an energy pulse that is conducted into the metal and released. The energy produced helps plants grow, increases libido and prevents mind control. Suddenly it clicked with me that I had a perfect use for the generators.

Rolling with a crew and a bag full of generators we went down to the temple and "gifted" the community. The people expressed positive thoughts in a very hollow and meek manner. The people seemed tricked into following beliefs that were fabricated by a power thirsty being. I can't be positive to as whether the plants or sexual energy of the place will be increasing, but if I free'd just one mind, the journey was well worth the trouble.

Orgone Energy Generators $5.00 + shipping


The Printing Pony Express

I find serigraphy to be an incredibly American form of art, quick, easy, profitable and with high production results. All the same I found the medium to be very expressive, pliable and plastic in nature. I very rapidly learned the art of screen-printing through classwork and after my initial Zen Living Tea-Shirt sales had lined me up a few more printing gigs, I saw the opportunity against all odds and took a shot at starting a business in this economy. An optimist sees opportunity in every danger whereas the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity. I took every job I could and made myself visible to every organization and business on campus.
I actually designed the Printing Pony Express's card as a self portrait for my serigraphy class. The image was designed using a Japanese woodblock print composition and the "Ukiyo-e" stylization of flattened space. I chose to portray the pony express, the name taken from the little engine that could, denoting to the manifestation of the machine of mankind as well as the walls we build all bearing down upon a lone soul of a samurai on a pony. I've also taken up quite an interest in Samurai as well as the Bushido code. The Bushido code burns with mad death, when one has a choice between life and death, one must always choose death, this must be understood to understand the bushido. Here I pictured the fearless samurai racing towards the train pulling back his sword in a moment of climax, an ode to Bernini's sculpture of david pulling back his sling shot.