Friendship Is One Mind In Multiple Bodies.

For my self portrait I wanted to capture the notion that the motion of my breath was who I am and I thus took a continuous synchronized shutter shot of moving my arms with my breath while practicing the healing martial art Qi Gong. I really like how my first image came out looking like an embracing white light which captures my vision that I see all things as a welcoming extension of myself. My second self portrait is an image of myself doing the Qi Gong exercise Tuoa. 

 My friend Willard Malebear is genuinely genius and just beyond sane. Willard's minds mediums consist of paint, aerosol, a digital playground, ink and human flesh. I came to collaborate with Willard on the night before I had an Illustration for a package of halloween candy due. I had been particularly impressed with some of his recent digital works and asked if he would show me the ropes on digital design and photoshop painting. Willard showed me the Wacom tablet's digital canvas and the cintiq pens digital paint brush and designed a whorror monster with all sorts of ooey, gooey, sticky ickies in and of its mouth. My koala gummy bears had the perfect mascot and I thus slapped on some text and had my package design. I also took a number of pictures around of Willard and his walls and made a digital sculpture of Willard.

Brently is a body which wears the mask of flesh, fur, land, latex, puppet, paint, and passion. The Brentlyshow is a traveling circus where every character acts through multiple faces in an extension of one. Brently is a clown, the taoist fool,  always moving but not knowing where. He walks blindfolded by dreams across the tight rope to which he is bound. The fool lives in the ever present newness of now, dying to every minute and being re born in every moment possessing a sense of being unchained to the past or future.


Chris Lyle is my main MCAT majoring in web and multimedia. Chris dapples in light and sound particularly through the use of video and installation work. Chris and I collaborate on projects on a regular basis through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, performance, ideating, video and really whatever we find inspiring. Chris was working on a documentary project about yoga which was rather convenient as I needed to do a project based on my everyday nature. We were able to create this movie in under a day.


 Untitled from Christopher Lyle on Vimeo.

Justice Draconis is a performer of many body arts such as fire spinning, yoga, acroyoga, the lira, spanish web, silks, and plays the Didgeridoo in the metal band Niobium. I met Justice while goofing off doing acrobatics during yoga school at Corepower Yoga.  Justice had a phenomenal inversion practice and possessed a wide range of knowledge about body balancing. We thus began to practice and play.

Brandon Wharton to whom I often refer to as "Chawrles" is yoked to the yogic path. Having originally met in highschool, we continued our education through Corepower Yoga. as well as Circus school at Xelias Aerial Arts. We've performed and co-taught Acrobatic Flying Yoga at various venues and have actually recently joined a traveling circus called the Bizarre Bazaar. Brandons portrait is coupled with our Acrobatic friend and circus colleague Stephanie Vilendrer.

Free Acrobatic Flying Yoga @ Moe Bodyworks (3541 Lyndale) 5:30 Saturdays
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Obstruction: East Meets Wuest and Loopy Chaos

I was assigned a partner to obstruct me, that is another peer of mine was required to enforce limitations on my processes for which she would design the platform for this assignment. Despite the ultimate human desire to be free, free of attachment, responsibility, limitations, laws and such we actually need and even enjoy our limitations. Freedom makes us human, our identity is choice that happens in every moment, and the way to maximize freedom is to maximize choice. Yet we like to be told what to do, when we are given a difficult choice with the burden of responsibility we ask "what would you do? what would you do if you were me?" To much choice can cause paralysis rather than liberation and it has been shown in people that they have such difficulty choosing that they put the choice off or choose to not choose at all. If we get over the paralysis and make the choice, we may not even reach our fullest satisfaction because the sheer amount of choice creates expectations for perfection which further sets us up to potentially regret what we choose because if there is any disappointment in our choice we find it that much easier to imagine the perfect alternative... The solution? Build your own obstacles to overcome, create rules for which to design a platform of play. Have no expectations, drop gaining ideas and have no fear that no matter what you choose, you have chosen your right path, accept and furthermore enjoy your choices... and your limitations.

Thus my limitations were to work digitally, involve text, have a monochromatic colour scheme, create just one piece, and to collaborate with the Baba Ram Dass, that is the author of Be Here Now. Ram Dass was a psychologist and psychedelic pioneer whom decided to take a trip to India to find his truth. Ram Dass traveled throughout India meeting many a holy man and became content with his journey but never found quite what he was looking for until he came to meet the guru Maharajji. The Guru immediately cut through all of Ram Dass's skepticism and showed him his greater self.

I thus decided to fulfill the assignment I would create a page for my own book "East Meets Wuest; Zen and the Japanese Aesthetic" which I wrote in the form of letters I mailed while studying in the Monasteries of Japan to my friends in America. I thus so illustrated the first page of the last letter which is a piece that utilizes text, is digitally crafted, monochromatic, belonging to a single piece, collaborative in that it takes a similar approach to sharing a spiritual journey and in particular in showing a part of a part of a mosaic of karmic unfolding.
We were than obstructed a second time. After coming to realize that every single piece I had turned in into my Ideation and Processing class was a performance condensed into a two dimensional format my obstruction was to perform in class. I particularly wanted to capture the sensation of leaving Japan on a flight that was just as long as the time difference and thus I arrived at the same time I left. A similar idea to that shared by Tantric Yogins whom are always departing in a state of arrival and consequently arriving in a state of departure. Tantric Yogins live in a non-dual reality where they see eating as excrement, drinking as urine, lovers as mothers and have no destination or beginning to meditation. I decided to search for inspiration with my circus folk in BrentlyLand. We started getting real loopy playing with a looping station and inspiration struck... I thus had every person in class contribute their own sound to come together full circle to create one piece in unity.


Celestial Lights 3&4, JAX CD release and Zombie Pub Crawl!

Folklore Enterprises in conjunction with Cracker Jax productions unleashed another round of some of the best Dj's, Dubstep, and local homegrown soicital paintiacs showing off their galleries and performing live painting in combination with a spectacular laser light show.
 For this show i unveiled my "Flying High" series:

Made a blacklight-box painting:

 And used photo transfer inks to tag Zombies!

The Dead are walking and don't even realize they are dead!! To make the dead aware and free themselves of the world of given things they must realize through their animal nature that it is they who is the giver. In the Bardo Thadol, the land of the dead, they do not realize they've died and continue to walk the earthly planes. They will never transcend if they yield for the dim lights and do not move into the brightness that is the end of all illusion. (BUT DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE LASERS)
Not one person has not returned from death, we've all died many deaths and in fact have already died in this life but are not witnessing or directly perceiving that part of our fourth dimensional being right nao or any of our fifth dimensional deaths where our "un-contained soul" might not of lived through that fall, car crash or zombie attack. There are two sides to the door, we are at the entrance and exit. Birth and Death are not just beginning and end but are simultaneously happening in all moments and all realities.  We may not remember our recent death or birth but transcend these self-imposed limitations! Seeing death's illusory nature, be freed of fear. Symbolically die to your past, let the ego die and be liberated into new life! The science of death is the secret to life!  Live every moment as if it is the last! 
Sacrifice the ego and embrace the chaotic riot. The fear of self sacrifice will develop unconscious restraints that will only lead to illusory freedom. The whole game you've been playing is also based on faith. You have had faith in the rational mind and worship its products and sense data. Only in realizing this do you realize there are doors. If you are to get out of prison the first thing you must realize is you are in prison. If you think you are free you can't escape.

Thank You Eric From Zero-G photography for the amazing party pics!

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Failure: That's How I Roll and He Art

My assignment was to capture the nature of failure. I immediately came to think of failure as experienced through Yoga. In Yoga we see failure as an opportunity to get back up. Failure is an ever present possibility and experience shared by every human being but can really only be considered a "failure" if one does not learn from their experience. The universe conspires our successes and will throw us insurmountable challenges we may not be able to meet but it is the trial that defines us and more importantly how we recover from our failures. In yoga we value process over product and we even practice falling out of postures, as shown in my etching of myself rolling out of handstand, so that we can fail safe and fail better. We learn to see our failures as success thus have no fear failure as your fear will surely be your failure. Biochemically we react to failure very similarly to how we react to the fear of death, by following through and not submitting to defeat we biochemically re map and re pattern our brains plasticity and increase our potential to be a greater human being. Practice detachment of outcome, detach of your errors and embrace your practice, cherish your failures as the edge of success.

In a continuation of exploring the nature of failure I chose to experiment with the nature of love. My relationships were going nowhere but sour and recognizing this I decided to take a collage I had made with a pair of flamingos bumpin' heads thus making a heart shape and then take carbon copy paper and make a tracing of the birds. I would etch one bird and my friend the other and than we tore the birds apart and had the tastiest, juiciest, sweetest, last tiger kiss of our relationship to seal the separation. I thus call the piece He art because through breaking a heart we make art. The moment was as truly beautiful as liberating, I encourage you, no I insist that you treat yourself to treat the next kiss with your love as if it is your last, because that person just might not be there tomorrow.

Works made with Carbon on Paper. $15
Order your very own carbon copy paper with flamingo outline and break your very own heart for just $5 and get a free bonus gift of clearing up your stagnant relationship!!


EarthDance, shakin it for peace!

Earth Dance is a global festival for peace celebrated in fifty different countries at over 200 locations. As shown by Marcus Young's social experiment dancing is contagious! With over a thousand people getting together we were passing around some Socially Transmittable Dancemoves for peace! We also had a globally synced meditation for peace where we all came together and joined hands in one big gigantic circle and OM'd in meditation for peace.
There were also a number of spiritual speakers for peace, a sonic sound temple, drum jams, a kid village with toys and exercises from all around the world, and a healing tent with massage, reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga and of course flying yoga magic carpet rides!

 11X17 Signed Earthdance poster prints available for $15.00. 
Larger Sizes and Framing may be arranged.

try a FREE flying magic carpet ride acrobatic yoga class at Moe Bodyworks(3541 Lyndale Ave) every saturday at 5:30 or come by for a massage/reiki/acupuncture/chiropractic care/herbal remedies/meditation or a variety of yoga styles that are offered everyday!