Molding a Man

Image Description: The spinal Erectors stretch from the skull to the tail bone. The spinalis tendons reach up and down the spine holding the curve of the spine and providing a strong base for the larger twisting longismus muscles to wrap up into. The iliocostalis almost seems to be an extension of the longismus, layering and twisting out, reaching across the ribs, holding them into the spine. The quadratus lumborum pulls the hips and the rib cage together, putting less weight on the spine and giving the body more evenly spread connectors. The obliques and abdominals hold the front of the body and even the back. Being primary core muscles the abs and obliques in combination with the lumborum connect the front body to the back.

I am having fun molding a man out of clay. I believe this process will be extremely beneficial in understanding, seeing, feeling and drawing the human form. As I build muscle mass I imagine what I am doing in my own body. Applying the mirror neurons to the process helps build the form as well as understanding it better. I am very in touch with my own body through my yoga practice and understanding what all the muscles look like under the surface will be beneficial for my stretching as well. Actually seeing how the muscle's twist around the skeletal structure to fight gravity is really a beautiful design to be enjoyed.

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