10,000 possibilities

With 10,000 lakes festival just around the corner I am getting ready to do work. A member of the green team, I am also planning to sell my services by slangin' didgeridoo's, bandaners, and medicinal herbs. I have recently taken an interest in Herbalism after trading "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouak for a manual on Herb. I have already began healing peoples ailments and knowing that 10K will be a disaster zone, I feel that my new found abilities will be good to have on hand. I feel that the Didgeridoo ($10) will be a good way to make my services recognizably available. I'm also body painting the public as well as producing bandanas ($5) with Japanese Ichibana flower prints on them. I have began studying Ichibana flower design through my neighbor whom I am treating with herbs for a bad hip as well as working in her garden. I will be studying Ichibana flower arrangement during my stay in Japan and feel that the bandana prints will fit well with the Hippie nature of the festival circuit.

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