A Collaboration

Christopher Lyle and I began our collaborative efforts at Chris's studio in MCAD at the very exciting time of graduation for some, and a finished semester for many. After seeing an exhibit of the latest and greatest senior shows (and some of the most inexplicable) we began making a series of drip paintings. Before we had the opportunity to draw on the pieces we had to let them dry and thus we stepped outside and walked into a giant party train and partied the night away. We decided that we would split up the drip paintings and finish them separately.

We found out very quickly that our combined effort and meshed styles could produce more beautiful art than either of us could produce on our own, twice as fast.

11X14 solos w/ standard matte:30USD Framed:40USD
36X27 The Call of the Caterpillar Framed: 250USD
40X36 Flying With the Fishes Framed: 350USD 
37X29 Dragon Framed: 350USD


fembot said...

i enjoy your paintings so much

gilligan1 said...

then you should let me paint you...