For this Project I was assigned to illustrate a story written by another student that went along the lines of her and her sister were being being baby sat and getting along well for a couple of 5-8 year ol' youngens. Well the student wanted to play with one of her sisters dolls and her sister willingly obliged but began removing the shoes and the baby sitter stopped her and asked what she was doing. The sister replied that she was removing the shoes because the student would lose them. The sitter shouted "sharing is caring" and demanded the sister to not be selfish and hand over doll with accessories included. A half hour later the shoes were nowhere to be found...

I immediately thought of the wicked sisters and the ruby red slippers from the wizard of OZ. I found a  particularly interesting part of the story to be that the wicked witch of the east was also the ruler of the little munchkins, that is until the house came crashing down on her and the munchkins were thus free to do what they thought best for them.

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