Gesture Drawin'

It would seem as if I have lost my 30 min. sketch from sept 9th, thus I have included the fifteen minute gesture at the end of class. Also pictured are the sept 16th twenty min. sketch and below the half hour of sept. 11th. In drawing the core structure of a human I have significantly learned the importance of line quality. Drawing 100 people I discovered how much you can describe an individual in a manner of seconds with only a few lines. These details include but are not limited to how they hold themselves against gravity, comfort level, what manner they carry themselves and captures an easily accurate sense of proportion. In combining the core (sept 11th) with the outline (sept 9th) you can truly achieve an accurate rendering (sept 16th) in rather quick time. I feel that core drawings are even more descriptive than outline drawings. The core gives a sense of depth, a proportional structure to work out from. I also found that making the shoulder blade line into a cylinder and the pelvis into a spherical-cubic shape really helped set the rest of the body. The spine also being a successful mapping tool. I found that joints were much easier handled with small circles on the axis. The hands and feet are also very descriptive of the persons position, what they are doing, and how they are doing it. I have also found that Yoga is beneficial to understanding the body. Being more aware of my own body and having a wide range of postures in my body memory it has been very helpful in depicting the human form in understanding how the position feels as well as looks.

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