Three representational drawings

A toast to the fruit of knowledge, 25.5”X19” May 2008, Pastel, The problem was to design a self-portrait involving a vegetable and utilize complimentary colour harmonies. I attempted to leave implications to the fruit of knowledge.

What did one telephone say to another?, 22”X30”, Dec 2007, Charcoal, This is a Koan I developed. A Koan is a question such as what is the sound of one hand clapping? The idea developed as a part of interdependent arising. This is a term possibly best described in scientific terms, with the universe exploding from one point and expanding into infinity becoming more and more distorted, on the molecular level everything is a chemical reaction of another chemical reaction, down to the synapses of the human brain and the movement in your hand. This process is also very similar to the child's game of telephone.

The Hallucinogenic Experience Called Life; A Self Portrait, 8’’X10’’, Dec 2007, This is a funny karmic situation of the ego that arises from the idea that life; described as a set of senses and experiences both real and unreal, is a self portrait. With this piece I really wanted to break borders and reach out of the box.


Nicole Harvieux said...

In your first drawing a toast to the fruit of knowledge I enjoy the complimentary colors you chose. Usually I feel like red and green remind me of holiday color themes. In this piece though I really enjoy how warm the red seems to be, the color through out the piece seems to balance very nicely.

I feel this second drawing is really interesting. I enjoy that one telephone is new technology as aposed to older technology. I also ejoy that the spin dial telephone is coming from a further distance. It funny becuase we dont have to be connected to a chord anymore.

I think you did well at reaching outside of the box on this one. What kind of material did you use? Was it charcoal? The composition seems smaller compared to the paper space but I like that because it seems like you are looking in at something from far away.

erik t. said...

"A Toast to the Fruit of Knowledge"
Of all your pieces, this one appears to be the most resolved and remains my personal favorite. The dramatic usage of negative space adds an ominous and foreboding quality to the piece. The very deliberate color scheme implies a fluid sensation, as if created by smoldering flames. The detail and quality of light represented by the fruit itself is very impressive. The thematic aspect is also very intriguing. Overall, and incredibly successful piece.

"What did one telephone say to another?"
Again, your second piece proves to be very thought provoking in it's content and thematic approach however, it feels less resolved than your previous work. Charcoal is and never will be my medium of choice because it degrades quickly over time and it is difficult for me to create fine detail. I assume that either of these two situations may have affected your piece as well. The sense of depth is accomplished through perspective but the strong value present in your previous piece seems limited here. The details on the keypad are almost too eroded to discern. Did you ever consider using an alternative medium? I feel that an alternative medium may have helped to accomplish the hard edges and sharp contrast we expect from such mechanical forms.

"Hallucinogenic Experience Called Life"
As in your other pieces, it should be no surprise that this piece exemplifies strong thematic content. The opposition of both figures creates an obvious tension. When one considers that this piece is a self portrait, you cannot help but feel a Tyler Durden, Fight Club sentiment. However, there are some technical concerns to be noted. Again, the charcoal seems to be a burden, allowing only hazy resolution. This could be beneficial though seeing as this piece represents a surreal, dream-like experience. The geometric space is confusing and resolves depth in an unconventional way that may simply be limited to my understanding of the piece.