Life Drawing has been a very beneficial class for me. Learning new ways to approach the human form and drawing in general has dramatically affected my process and in turn product. Art school is more about learning processes than product. Everything is a process, especially a work of art. Learning new ways of working as well as seeing helps depict the three dimensionality of form. Seeing internal structures and planes rather than value helps set up a good foundation that can alter ways of building mass on flat surface. An artistic block can be overcome by looking at the process through a different vantage point. These alternative approaches to creating form create new platforms to manipulate space and conceptually develop the figure.

Life drawing has also taught me the importance of line quality. A simple line can hold a lot of information about weight, spatial configuration and planar changes. A few lines together can describe a lot about space, light, form, muscle tension and even motion. A picture of lines is also much more maneuverable than a picture built out of value. A few internal lines can be far more descriptive than an outline or shadow shapes.

Drawing and Yoga are two of my greatest passions, the combination of the two is just utterly delightful. I found the yoga to be very beneficial to life drawing through mirror neurons and muscle memory. I often felt my muscles while building or drawing them. This gave me an intuitive spatial memory of the form being depicted. Actually feeling the muscles through memory helped me develop a sense of tension in the figure and where to stress line quality. Building the muscles also helped me in understanding internal structures, I do wish I could of drawn the maniken from a few more angles.

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