Dominos are a continued exploration on the nature of chaos theory. I began exploring the butterfly effect through Domino in a response to an argument with a colleague of mine whom claimed that the only art relevant to the human condition was pure splattered expressionism. I could not disagree more being a practitioner of the Japanese form of Zen painting, Youfuga, which is a moving meditation performed in accord with ones breath.
Meditation is not "an escape from the world" but rather a way to prepare for re-entry. When a practitioner enters "isolation", they aren't entering by themselves, they're taking the whole world with them, the suffering they carry is the whole world's suffering. I find the butterfly effect to be an expression of oneness, a reality where everything is relevent and everything reflects everything else.

These dominos were painted utilyzing a plastic butterfly which was found among the many groundscores cleaning-up after the 10,000 Lakes Festival located in Minesota. The butterflies were then expressively thrown in a chaotic fashion at a sheet of paper followed by a controlled splatter and then chopped up to give the illusion of seperate paintings.

I intend on bringing these butterflies around the globe to give as gifts as the Japanese are very big on gifts for those whom share hospitality.
Dominos: 800yen + shipping

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