Continual Chaos

I initially painted my original Domino painting as a response to one of my colleagues claim that the only art relevant to the human condition was pure expressionism. At the time I was painting ink butterflies as a study on chaos theory, that is when a butterfly flaps its wings it may cause hurricanes on the other side of the globe. I came to realize that one can live life like nothing is relevant or like everything is relevant. The butterfly effect is an expression of interdependent arising, an expression of oneness.
In a continuation of my studies on chaos theory I painted Dominos utilizing a plastic butterfly that I had found among many other
ground scores cleaning up after a festival. I found that I could throw the butterfly at the paper in a chaotic fashion and than chop the painting up to give the illusion of separate paintings. I used the Dominos as gifts for the people of Japan.

My second edition Dominos are painted by throwing butterflies and dropping Japanese maple leaves. I've came to realize that butterflies are a symbol of wind and more than anything a symbol of change, as are the leaves turning and falling.

"When you see one leaf falling, you may say, Oh, autumn is here! One leaf is not just one leaf; it means the whole autumn.
Here you already understand the all-pervading power of your practice.
Your practice covers everything."- Shunryu Suzuki

Happiness arises from those who have experienced life and learned to bear its ills without being
overcome by them. Paradoxically enough, only in growth, reform and change, is true security to be found. In turning a new leaf in my life, I now strive not to remake myself completely, but truly make the best of what I've been given.

Showing their backs,
Their fronts,
Falling maple leaves.

Prices range from $20-$50 USD + Shipping
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