Fireworks and Works of Fire; The big bang made me do it!

This Independence day Chris Lyle and I decided to celebrate by painting with fireworks and fire by blowing up paint bottles, melting crayons and colouring with smoke grenades. Which was followed up by fireworks and a fire performance by Justice Draconis of Dragons Fire Theatre. Justice and company is available for booking on facebook or by e-mail at justiceofdragons@gmail.com. Some photos also feature Ashley Sweetness whom can be booked at sweetpadiddle@hotmail.com

Independence suggests the nature of free will, but in an interdependent self organizing structure is their really such a thing? The world consists of basic physical laws that govern the entire universe. You are built of an electromagnetic, carbon based life form which is  subject to the laws of the universe. Matter, such as a seed or semen, comes with an inherent set of properties from an ancestral chain which dictates how we will grow and we can thus not really call our structure ours. How well we grow is dictated by outside forces such as our family which we cannot choose and thus stems a chain result of conditioned responses to whether we agree or disagree with these outside forces. It would seem the only way to influence these factors is the choice of surroundings that determines the environment of conditions.

 You can't control the nature of the universe but merely arrange the laws to benefit all sentient beings. A human being is part of the whole, one with the universe. Feeling separate is not freedom, but an optical delusion that actually works as a prison trapped by our own personal desires. In a dream for example you believe your dream self to be separate from other characters however when you awaken you realize that you were in fact both the same consciousness existing in an infinitude of possible dream worlds. Realization is true freedom. Once the normal checks imposed by the conscious mind are abolished by sacrificing the ego, the unlimited scope of unconscious mind comes to play which can appear as a chaotic riot and be very frightening in that the illusory freedom of the Ego is eliminated which reveals our own transubjective reality. AnAtman or no-self is not to say that you don't exist but that you don't exist as a singular form. We are empty in that we may make use of this space and be a selfless being, one with the interdependent arising surroundings. This is borderless borders that can be perhaps best described by trying to define the end of the sun being as the heat and rays of light extend far beyond the fluctuating surface. Free yourself of this cage and embrace the universal energy.

Every object is a particle and a wave, existing in a "set place" as well as all over. The uncertainty principle states that we may not know an object speed and placement at the same time, which points to the mirage of reality. The double slit experiment reveals that unobserved particles have infinite potential where as the observed has only one possibility. A particle is not determined but by the mind that perceives it and thus all that we are is the result of what we have thought. Our mind-matrix actually creates our worlds,  reality does not exist except as unlimited potential of the mind, reality is a projection of the mind. By simply observing the world we change it and when you change the world changes. 

The main factor that distinguishes human beings is the large frontal lobe in the brain that enables us to focus attention and concentrate which is essential for making decisions and holding an intention. The frontal lobe enables us to draw information from our environment and storehouse memories to process and make decisions different from past choices. Although many actions are far from free and consist of habitual conditioned responses such as the flight or fight response, or lighting a cigarette, or reacting to a friend you know. These responses can barely even be considered choices, however there is a second way of making choices and that is to consciously separate ourselves from our environmental stimuli and stand back from our habitual and biological behavior in the roll of the observer. The brain then has the opportunity to reason from a quiet vantage point and can process experiential as well as intellectual knowledge to build a new design. The observer has tremendous amounts of power, although it may seem that observations are also subjective to repetitive habitual conditioning to the point where they can barely even be considered observations, but once recognized, you can discover that by your choices you can actually alter, restrain, and change what you see "out there" By turning off this "autopilot" one begins to discover possibility and be enabled to use the brain rather than be used by the brain, turn response into creation, reaction into action. 

To hear the sound of one hand clapping is to hear the sound that already exists before you make it. Do not try to listen to it, the sound is all over. If you try to see the quality you have no quality. Before you take the form of a human being, you are already there, always there. Because you are already there, you are here. Similarly it is not possible for something to disappear which does not exist. You may think when you die, you no longer exist, but this is impossible. If we are looking at something it can vanish from our sight, but if you do not try to see it, that something cannot vanish. If someone is watching you, you can escape him, but if no one is watching, you cannot escape from yourself. So try not to see something in particular; achieve something special, because you have everything in your own pure quality. Understanding is to be without fear, as you cannot lose anything, there is nothing to lose.

Atoms are 99.999999999999% empty space but appear solid by their force. Thus you are not really sitting on your chair but are in actuality levitating slightly above it. Although all dharmas are ephemeral, changing, and empty they are real just as they are. The phenomenal and the void are equally real and codependent. Emptiness is an infinite field of potential which every possibility arises. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness. The signified and signifier are both dual and non-dual. The emphasis is form, not minor or universal but all forms inner-reflecting the interdependent nature of reality which is not to be seeing as an illusion but real as is.

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