Celestial Lights 3&4, JAX CD release and Zombie Pub Crawl!

Folklore Enterprises in conjunction with Cracker Jax productions unleashed another round of some of the best Dj's, Dubstep, and local homegrown soicital paintiacs showing off their galleries and performing live painting in combination with a spectacular laser light show.
 For this show i unveiled my "Flying High" series:

Made a blacklight-box painting:

 And used photo transfer inks to tag Zombies!

The Dead are walking and don't even realize they are dead!! To make the dead aware and free themselves of the world of given things they must realize through their animal nature that it is they who is the giver. In the Bardo Thadol, the land of the dead, they do not realize they've died and continue to walk the earthly planes. They will never transcend if they yield for the dim lights and do not move into the brightness that is the end of all illusion. (BUT DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE LASERS)
Not one person has not returned from death, we've all died many deaths and in fact have already died in this life but are not witnessing or directly perceiving that part of our fourth dimensional being right nao or any of our fifth dimensional deaths where our "un-contained soul" might not of lived through that fall, car crash or zombie attack. There are two sides to the door, we are at the entrance and exit. Birth and Death are not just beginning and end but are simultaneously happening in all moments and all realities.  We may not remember our recent death or birth but transcend these self-imposed limitations! Seeing death's illusory nature, be freed of fear. Symbolically die to your past, let the ego die and be liberated into new life! The science of death is the secret to life!  Live every moment as if it is the last! 
Sacrifice the ego and embrace the chaotic riot. The fear of self sacrifice will develop unconscious restraints that will only lead to illusory freedom. The whole game you've been playing is also based on faith. You have had faith in the rational mind and worship its products and sense data. Only in realizing this do you realize there are doors. If you are to get out of prison the first thing you must realize is you are in prison. If you think you are free you can't escape.

Thank You Eric From Zero-G photography for the amazing party pics!

Come check out our next show at the Loft above Barfly for our Halloween Special Oct. 30th

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