Vincent Van Gone, the After Gogh

I placed an airbrush artist (Kasper), a painter(Willard Malebear), three models(Allicia Christensen, Zoee Taylor, Melanie Hunt), two acrobats (Brandon Wharton & Rebecca Yale, a harpist (Andrea), and a latex specialist mask making performer(Brently Davis) all in one place and said GO

This is Vincent Van Gogh experiencing the land of the dead.

For more on the Bardo Thodol (Land of the Dead)

and Yama, the lord of Death

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Shaun Lotus said...

damn! stupid snow! i was really salty the buses had stopped running i had a route all planned out and everything...stood out there for an hour just for the bus to never arrive...and no one would give me a ride anywhere. i will be there next time! must get my flow toys sent down to me...totally epic and amazing my friend...you are a genius...the video looks amazing...an expression of the creative experience for sure...i can't wait to be part of it...i am so out of touch with my art, it is rediculous...please help me to change this. i have a feeling you would be more then happy to :P love you all...and thank you for this beautiful video...though it is kinda creepy in a good way :P