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The title of this blog resonates detest through my veins. I don't enjoy blogging and feel there is numerous other things I could be doing with my time. One of the reasons I am an artist is to avoid sitting in front of a computer screen. Regardless I understand how useful of a tool blogging actually is. In a college setting it makes for a very useful way of determining a semester's progress as well as create a good medium for taking notes in and furthering said notes through other students blogs. Blogging has helped me in talking about my work, my artist's voice, and vocalizing the artistic process as well as the pictorial plane. I believe I did a fairly decent job in sustaining a blog, I have some interesting posts that I believe would be valuable to other students as I am beginning to get some public work done and have further public projects in the mix. I would have liked to write a further in depth analysis of many of my posts but my own impatience and view of the blogging as a distraction got the better of me. Although I do understand the value of having an online presence as this is a connection with the world and has stemmed many contemporary artists careers, however the network of artists here feels untapped. I've received only a few required comments although this is to be expected as I have only given a few. I have surfed through a few various blogs but I feel I am a minority to the online populous doing so as there are little comments left anywhere. I rarely have commented where I probably should have, artists can benefit from feedback, good or bad. The blogging process is undoubtedly one that is good to be familiar with.

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xenia elizabeth said...

thanks, ben. your sentiments are reflected along with much of the class--it is interesting that many of you enjoy looking at other blogs but few of you enjoy making comments, or since few of you have commented, others choose not to as well. this is one area i will be researching further.