A timely depiction

Presented here are several long studies. The female figure was really enjoyable to draw however it was executed very ineffectively. The torso is stretched and to have avoided this I should have made a more pliable figural study, including interior landmarks rather than attempt to catch light as it falls on the figure. This was the first female drawing in class and I could not resist denying the beauty of those reflections.

The male figure study with detailed abdominal section and shoulder girdle turned out fairly well. The line of the leg is rather descriptive suggesting form in space and fading into interior depiction of the musculature system. The anatomy lessons we've been going through have been very helpful in defining exterior space. The gesture lines of the piece show through and I like that expressive touch.

The female contour drawing turned out really good for me. The proportion worked rather well seeing as I had a fairly foreshortened view of the model sitting in the lotus position on the floor. The drawing looks like an organic landscape to me, pulling my eyes through space and over physical form. My eyes are drawn all the way back to connect with the models eye, visible just through the poorly shaded armpit. I also consider the geographic contour lines to be successful in depicting space. This form of depiction is somewhat new to me and I found it to be remarkably descriptive in describing space and form through line quality.

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xenia elizabeth said...

The 2nd drawing is strongest--nice indication of muscles on the inside of the form. The 1st drawing (horizontal female) needs more of this type of information.

Continue to refine line variation--between light and dark especially, so that you have difference between front and back in space and so that any two outlines on a form are varied.