Pictured above are three early gesture drawings. These are inadequate in describing form as they give no real description of interior structure or any reference to the three dimensions of a figure. They are merely two dimensional outlines of the model. Below the text are gesture figure studies with a little more developed flavour. The red sketch, being only a thirty second study is actually quite descriptive, far more so than an outline and actually excluding the outline entirely. The figure has recognizable landmarks for interior and exterior imagery. The simple line stroke almost even carries an attitude with it. The placement could have been better as the figure is just stepping over the line. The landmarks are presented in the one minute sketch, however the hips are a little wide and the ribcage appears a little large thus losing some information. The linework in the legs are very descriptive, implying more form. The five minute study includes interior landmarks as well as begining to dapple in multi-coloured line work. I was attempting to emphasize the stretch through detailing the muscles being stretched in red. I really enjoy the placement of the figure as the weight of the drawing is brought heavily on the character, his hand reaching out of the borders, almost pulling himself out of the picture.


erik t. said...

The progression made from your initial collection of gesture studies to your current examples is very impressive. The earlier studies appealed to me on a stylistic level though they were not exactly representational (as most of ours weren't). You have accomplished very well the sense of the figure and it's pose in each gestural study, regardless of the time allowed to complete each one. The curvature of the femur and the gastrocnemius are pronounced and convincing. Your lines are also very informed and confident (a quality I hope to emulate).

xenia elizabeth said...

the top two gesture drawings are the best, especially the 2nd one. it makes the most use of long axis lines. the 3rd drawing uses too many outlines, so keep it more like the 2nd.