Don`t you know who I am?

My friend Chawrles got his name from the rather hysterical parody ` I`m the Juggernaut Bitch` which is a dubbing of the popular comic X-Men. The parody has an overtly confident rather self indulged character called the Juggernaut whom is based off the Hindu deity Jagannath whom is a form of Vishnu. The story of Jagganath goes on that a group of sexy cow herding girls,had told subharda to keep a look out for Jagganath so that they could talk about past times with the deity. Subharda became engrossed in listening in and did not see Jagganath roll up and over hear the conversation. As Jagganath listened in, his hair stood on end, a smile plastered his face and his eyes permanently grew enormous which is why Jagganath looks the way he does today.

Chawrles got his nick name, because like Charles Xavier, he has the psychic ability to get into persons heads (unless they`re wearing a helmet) When Chawrles had asked me to tag up his helmet I immediately obliged, despite all the studying I had to due for my trip.

I had told Chawrles to read `What the Buddha Taught` by Walpola Rahula, while I was drawing and give me the synopsis as I was supposed to have read the book for my travels. Very coincidently he had read on the back of the book that the book was distributed for free. I had actually received my free copy from Andrew, the vice president of the student run mindfulness organization which I founded Zen Living. Andrew worked at the writing center where the books were being recycled. Without realizing this I had checked out the very same novel from the Zen Center of Minneapolis and decided to give Chawrles my extra copy.

I became stuck in the drawing process and had stopped to ask Chawrles what he had learned. Chawrles read aloud `It is an undeniable fact that as long as there is doubt, perplexity, wavering, no progress is possible. It is also undeniable that there must be doubt as long as one does not see or understand clearly.` I rather quickly turned the helmet into a masterpiece except leaving a blank space for Chawrles to draw an Om

Chawrles sat in full lotus and drew Om after Om until he had fully covered his paper and truly embodied the Om

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