That`s a Wrap

The Japanese are very generous when it comes to helping one another and a traditional custom for the Japanese is to give small gifts as a token of thanks for such hospitality. Wanting to fully partake in the culture and express my gratitude to the people whom helped me along the way I decided to make studies on the butterfly effect called Dominos, as a little gift from America. In need of way to transport my Dominos safely, I was also in search for an appropriate way to `gift` wrap my presents for the hospitable people of Japan who would be aiding me on my travels. I came to the realization that my ichibana bandana prints would be perfect for the job. I rather unfortunately only had two days to print the bandanas and the process for completing the prints in my jerry-rigged print lab in my grandmama`s basement would have taken over twice that amount of time. I just did not have the time to tackle the project in my studio considering that I had not yet started to packfor my trip. I had made the executive decision to head to my college and see if I would be able to use their facilities.
I had further business to conduct in my college town in hiring a yoga instructor for the student run mindfulness organization which I founded Zen Living. Upon arriving I found the Yoga Teacher to be a perfect fit for the club, in fact Tim needed the structure of our organization just as much as we needed him to lead class. Tim was very experienced in the spiritual realm and had developed a practice for over 12 years. Coincidently enough Tim was currently living inside of Knacks screen printing studio.

The gift wrap for Dominos turned out better than I could of possibly hoped, and done on my own thanks to the wonderful people of Knacks Advertising and all the correct energy lining up. This was a positive reminder that we are merely empty vessels that exist in our energetic interactions which are connections to the greater whole.

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